Production on Delura episode 4 officially begins today.

I feel I needed a few days to reflect, rest and even do some stupid non-Delura stuff on the side, but now its time to get back to work. Right now, the following needs to be touched up on:

-Script: Its kinda “draft-like” at this point and needs refinement and reorganization. In Delura, script is priority #1 and gets the most love. The order in which I show events is going to be critical.
-Voice actor correspondence: It is possible that my script changes may affect the work the voice actors have to do, so when its done the vocals needed will have to be sent to them ASAP to allow a 2-4 week deadline to do recording. I like to give the voice actors as much time as possible to do their parts while I do prepwork 3d stuff.
-Model cleanup: I think the Rudo model needs to look better. I may scrap and rebuild him.

Once that’s done, I can worry about the rest of the elements concerning episode 4. Wish me luck!