I honestly believe I suffer from P.A.D.S. … post-animation-depression-syndrome, heh. Every time I finish an animation it kinda rips me out of that comfort zone of production and makes me re-adjust to the changes and additions that have to be made. The starting point of any project is always my lowest point of productivity, this was the case with episode 2 as well. I’m also not looking forward to the “maintenence” work I need to do too… I still have that Silgrarian rig to fix up, new backgrounds to craft, storyboards to figure out… it really is overwhelming at times when it feels like I’m using pebbles to build a 100 foot high castle.

Just for the sake of motivating and obligating myself to get over this hump, i’ve gotten the following done today:

-Rudo touchups (pronounced the eyebrows more, added some polygon hair strands, added endomorphs for expression)
-Silgrarian doctor vocals. I love voicing this guy, I’ll be glad when I get to play him more and more.
-Posted audition for the many extras who will be speaking 1-liners

Note some self: Pepsi max must be procured… kidneys need their daily workout.