In episode 4, we refocus on Aiden and his recovery which takes place during a Torian day (equivalent of 14 earth days). Lighting is not one of my favorite things to do, especially if its hard to dress up a scene properly. A lot of guesswork and fumbling is involved in the lighting process and its not always accurate. In any case, I’ll do the best I can and move onto the multitude of other tasks that need to be done. I’ll be working on some new backgrounds next; I’m kind of excited to flesh out some more elaborate scenery. I’ve been paying close attention to architecture when I enter into large places like my college or the multi-leveled hospital buildings in hopes that I can really make this place feel as big as I am imagining it is.

Stuff worked on today:
-Tor facility outdoor/interior lighting, adjusted for day-time.
-Final touches on Rudo, I think he looks a lot less like a drug dealer now. I also added detail to his inner ear but that addition is not shown in this pic. This character is good to go.
-A rough, incomplete section of the Tor facility residential area. Of course, its missing doors and walls… I actually haven’t done all that many interiors in my entire experience as being a 3d animator, so this episode is really going to test my ability to create them.