Hmm… something just feels off about this one. It doesn’t jump out to me… it also seems insanely hard to get this text to really fit into a format which is clear and effortlessly identifiable to someone who just glances at it. Unfortunately, these things aren’t always obvious until after one has taken the trouble to color and see it applied. I want to see if I can’t optimize this logo… revise the current idea so that it works well. I really don’t want to start from scratch again.

I can use glow effects to bring out the text… but I don’t think is really jumps out and grabs me yet.

Here’s the logo in its most current form. I removed the long arching loop. Me and Taben both liked it, but we agreed it seemed to get in the way of readability. Still doesn’t really grab my eyes though. Something is off.

Maybe a problem is that I mixed in too many uppercase and lowercase letters in the styling?