Taben was suggesting a pocketed shirt. What do you think? The only issue I have with providing shirts and other printables for the Kickstarter is that i’ve never had… well… anything printed for me before. I am familiar with the idea that high-end printing presses can utilize PNG alpha channels in an image to determine where ink should go and where it shouldn’t as it prints directly on a shirt, but aside from that I have no idea whom I should turn to. It is highly doubtful there are vendors near where I live.

Online, I looked at Cafepress; they’re asking $25 per shirt… way too pricey. There have to be better custom print vendors out there. I’d like to see about getting the shirt price down to $15-18 each. Another frustrating thing about printing is that I don’t know how closely my images are going to match what will be printed on the shirts.

If anyone has any personal experience with the vendors out there, like zazzle, teefury, etc, let me know if you recommend any of them!