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*First, play intro sequence which includes EP 005.03 content and
highlights of previous content. Then cut to live video, which will
fade in to relevant visuals (or pop up on the screen) as I mention
them if needed*


Hello, my name is Ryan Roye, i’m a co-founder of Tanadrine Studios
and lead producer of Delura. This is a 3d animated fantasy sci-fi
series that i’ve been working on for about 3 years now.

Put concisely, the title of the series refers to the name of the
galaxy it takes place in… Where technologies such as LI.BA.sie
integrate the lives of every inhabitant within it. This is a place
where telepathic devices are common and the societies of radically
different alien cultures have somehow managed to integrate their
marketplaces and operations across the vast ocean of the stars.

I’ve put so much time into this project simply because I love fantasy
scifi; there just isn’t enough of this kind of stuff out there.

Over the past year, talented artists have joined forces with Tanadrine
Studios in effort to help the Delura webseries become even greater than
has ever been previously. Thus far, we have a well-established website,
9 video content uploads, and a 3d comic which is typically updated weekly.


So… why the kickstarter? Why do we need funding now after all this time?

Well, one thing that we’ve always felt that needed improvement were the
visual aspects of the series and a lot of our current fanbase agrees.
I’m not aiming to emulate the work of a large, fully financed studio,
but I at least wanted to produce work on a regular basis that can be
taken seriously. So, when we created Episode 5.3, we decided to do
something different with it. We wanted Delura to look better; a LOT better.

So, we did away with the old character models, utilized advanced lighting
and shading techniques, and introduced complex scenery containing a large amount
of animated elements.

I knew before I even started that these improvements would come at a very steep cost.
You see… I’m working on technology that is nearly a decade old. My computer is a
dual core athlon with 3.25 gigs of ram running on a 32-bit operating system.
Half of the production time for our latest installment was spent circumventing
hardware limitations.

This basically means that instead of creating actual content, I was instead trying to find
ways to keep my scenes from slowing to a crawl, dodging around memory ceilings, fighting
with dozens of low detail placeholder objects, having to turn down detail levels to their minimums,
having to chop up my scenes into dozens of separate subscenes, and countless other problems
that significantly complicated our workflow.

Without replacement hardware and upgraded software, we will be forced to either re-visit
our old design or severely limit what we do visually.


The goal is to produce, at minimum, 4 more content uploads by the end of this year
and to continue the publication of our weekly render comic. I want to stress that
the benefit of funding extends far greater than this goal and has the potential to
continue indefinitely. It’s not like our equipment is just going to magically disappear
after the fact.

We actually don’t need much to eliminate the barriers of production we’re facing. $6,500
is a fraction of what most people would ask for a project like this one. Here’s the breakdown
as to how the funding will be used:

(show pie chart with supplementary info, like what computer I am looking at getting)

Approximately $2000 will be used to replace our main workstation. Based on my needs as a
producer, I’m considering this system which I feel will not only eliminate our hardware
barriers, but will greatly enhance what we are able to do overall.

About $2000 will be put into software. Lightwave version 11.5 introduces countless workflow
enhancements that could increase our production speed by over 50%.

Finally, $2000 will be divided among the voice actors and artists who have volunteered their time
for the series. I want to pay it forward and thank them for their contributions.

Depending on how the expense to pledge ratio works out and how much the hardware purchases
cost, these numbers will change to reflect the actual funding available.


So, that’s it. If we can get funding required to our hands on the right tools, this will open
up so many doors and really allow us to go full speed with Delura. Check out the pledge perks
I have listed on this page which includes access to exclusive video content, permanent placement
of YOUR name on our website’s credits page and more. If you’d like to check out what content we
have available right now and perhaps use that as your basis for whether to pledge or not, head
over to delura.tanadrine.com and tell us what you think! Thank you all so much for watching!