EDIT: I’ve updated the kickstarter page

I wanted to look for ways to give donors incentive to pledge more without having to come up with new products or items… I don’t think we can do much more than shirts and posters as far as physical items are concerned, and the digital downloads have all been exhausted (we have no other content to provide at this time).


Perhaps every “Tier” could have 2 versions: Rank 1, and Rank 2.

Rank 1 displays the donor’s name in orange in the credits.

Rank 2 displays the donor’s name in blue and places it above the orange entries, but increases the pledge amount by $5-$15 depending on the tier.

This option, if donors like it, can decrease the overall cost of the fundraiser because it can create larger pledges without requiring additional resources. My intention is to give opportunities for donors to contribute just a little bit more.

Dumb idea? Smart? Give me your feedback!

Oh, and i’ve been busy making fun graphics for the Kickstarter page…