Its days like this when I wonder if I’m ever going to finish this episode and sometimes I wonder if I’m in over my head with this stuff. Admittedly I didn’t feel very motivated today and was a little sluggish. To give you an idea of where I stand, I still have the following to do before I can even think of animating:

-Script revisions concerning dialogue between characters
-Send revised scripts to characters playing given roles
-Fixing of the Silgrarian rig (currently, most of the time when I move the body, I have to reposition all 4 legs)
-Specialized biped rig (I’m willing to animate slower at the benefit of better controls)
-1 modified biped model

-1 more interior with corresponding props
-1 semi-complex mechanical device
-Detailed storyboard for movement-intensive scene. I imagine its going to take about 30+ slides worth to figure out.
-Figure out how to make convincing weapon projectiles
-Standardized special effect for a very plot-centric device
-Make the “Serv-U-Tron 8000” vending machine functional (make characters able to interact with it, add corresponding props, etc.)
-Seven or so ambient holographic screens to dress up various places (some animated)
-A spiffy mobile hoverchair for Aiden. Its like a scooter only cooler!
-Addition of pre-animated background characters into scenes where they will be used (luckily, the “stock” animations are already done)


I think after I get all that done, I can move on to actually making the characters move. Yeah, not all aspects of the creative process are fun but its one of the big hurdles that developers like myself face. This list doesn’t even include sound, music or post production either.

I only modeled 2 objects today; weapons which are unheard of in the Delura universe. I will leave it up to your imagination as to what these do to their victims… its not what you probably think, its far worse.