I’ve really been struggling to figure out how to make our Kickstarter pitch more concise and to the point while still covering the content we need to go over. So far, i’ve managed to condense the content of the video down to a fraction of what it was before.

NOTE: Only my end of the script is written (which is why it is still in first person speaking terms), me and Taben are going to give it some further review tomorrow. We’re also going to experiment with different types of introductions… I was thinking one option could be just introducing myself in that same robotic tone I used in the previous video then leaving abruptly, and perhaps have it be a humorous segment with Taben explaining that 3d producers don’t belong in front of a camera or something… I dunno. If it has any entertainment value we’ll try it, if not we’ll chuck it. All I know is that I’ll be glad when this is done… i’ve never had this much trouble making a video before.

CURRENT SCRIPT DRAFT (Approx 1 minute 10 seconds when I did a voiceover timing test, remember a 1 minute trailer similar to EP 005.03’s introduction plays before this)

——- = Narrated video content with supplemental visuals

Hello, my name is Ryan, i’m a co-founder of Tanadrine Studios
and lead producer of Delura. This is a fantasy sci-fi
series that i’ve been working on for 3 years.

Over that time we’ve been able to produce an hour worth of
content, a comic series, animated shorts, and a full-featured website
on top of promoting and managing the project at our own time and expense.

Did I mention we’ve been doing this with outdated software
and equipment that is over 10 years old?

—–The challenge is that we REALLY want to bring to our
viewers significantly improved graphics and along with more frequent
content releases, but in order to do that we need a computer that
can actually handle those graphics, and we need updated professional level
software that allow us to do more in less time. (while speaking this paragraph,
show the contrast of old
and new versions of artwork).

—–Furthermore, I would like to begin compensating the volunteers who have
and continue to work on the Delura project. Like us, they’ve also invested
their own time to help bring Delura to you. (show various bits of artwork
created by volunteers with title credits)

Upon reaching our goal of $6500 I’m promising 4 more content uploads
by the end of this year and the continuation of our weekly comic in addition
to permanently raising our production standards in all of the future content
that we publish.

Thank you for watching and pledging to Delura, we greatly appreciate your support. For more
information on the Delura video series we welcome you to visit our website. There you can find
all kinds of cool content such as our comics, videos, daily production updates and other
exciting features.