Spent all day trying to revise the Silgrarian (quadraped) and Biped rigs but have nothing to show for it. A big dent to my morale, but the show must go on.

The biped rig I think is at least manageable… it does everything I need it to and I can control every aspect of all my characters, even if some movements are inefficient in regards to requiring extra keyframes. The Silgrarian rig is a big concern to me though… I may very well be stuck with the same rig I had in episode 2. The most pressing issue with the Silgrarian rig is having to make corrective in-between keyframes for all 4 legs *every* time I move the body which makes this character really tough to animate quickly. My biggest worry of course is when I start doing some more movement-intensive animations of Silgrarians and if I don’t find out a way to make them move easier I might be in trouble production-wise. I estimate I have about 2-4 episodes worth of time before I absolutely have to figure this out.

Oh well… I tried. Sometimes you just have to take that chance for the sake of improving workflow… even if it comes at the risk of wasting valuable time. I’m going to try to tick off an item or two from the previous post’s list tomorrow.