As of this post we’re off to a great start at a pledge amount of $325! We need to keep the momentum going, as to reach our goal we must average about $200 per day (6500 / 31 days).

I’ve noticed some news, blog and forum posts about Delura’s kickstarter and I’m VERY grateful for your help! You all know who you are and I just wanted to let you know it IS working. Thank you! I am not a marketing genius, but I am doing my part as well:

  • The modest extra funding we have collected from ad revenue prior to the Kickstarter launch (~$20) is going to be re-invested into advertising this event. This money is coming out of my own pocket, as that revenue is usually reserved for paying our webhosting costs. This should allow me at least a week worth of low-level advertising for the Delura series. The intention is that the investment will pay for itself.
  • I’m working on an animated short which I should be able to finish tomorrow which may boost awareness of the event.
  • I am going to offer 1-2 additional poster designs so that at the end of the Kickstarter, people will be able to choose which poster they would like!

EDIT: I added the banner ads i’ve created for ProjectWonderful to the promo pack if anyone finds them useful!