Given we are approaching the last 2 weeks of the Kickstarter event, I am going to be doing some major reworking of the Kickstarter page.

1) Implement a section called “options”. People who pledge can message me their choices before or after pledging. Don’t want a t-shirt and just want the two videos? I can do that! Want a Delura hat instead? You got it! Want the video instead of a poster at the $25 tier? Done. Kickstarter provides me a way to easily manage these specific inquiries, so no worries there.

2) Condense the pledge perks details so that it only explains what the base perks are rather than re-listing them with detail. In retrospect, I think the page layout is too redundant.

3) Make two sample video excerpts so people know what kind of content to expect from them. If I were a pledger… I know I’d want samples too.