I wanted to try something new in regards to storyboarding that I feel will produce more accurate and better results regarding the flow of my scene setup. It takes a little more time to position the characters, but thankfully IKbooster of Lightwave is unmatched in regards to posing. The big issue with 2d storyboards is that its really hard (for me) to determine accurate character positioning, composition, and interaction with the environment. It doesn’t always mesh well with the finished 3d product either.

One other problem with my old method of storyboarding is that mine are messyREALLY messy. If anyone but me were to look at these, I doubt it would make sense to the average person looking at it.

If it continues to be feasible time-wise, I may just make all my storyboards look like this:

Anyways, in other news I strongly suggest to anyone reading this to check out another great indie sci-fi series which is up to 13 episodes as of this writing. The producer, Lewis Roscoe, has some some amazing work and is very much in the same boat I am production-wise. Click the link, it’ll take you to episode 1 located on youtube. I promise you, its freaking epic.

You can also find out more about this great series at ardament.com