This is something i’ve really been looking for. A central location in which everyone can be put on the same page concerning collaboration; this system is called Collabtive (a totally free, open source php-based task system). This platform could really work for the Delura project… something that is just enough to give us everything we need without confusing the hell out of everyone that tries to use it. I have full control over the permissions that each user has as well and also control over which tasks people can see, so I will also be able to make the task list publicly available! I implemented this system because our old one… while it worked, had some bad setbacks. For one, I had to deal with messy HTML tags to edit and update the list which made it time consuming to deal with on my end. Secondly, the old system just wasn’t user friendly… not everyone who is going to be working on Delura is a coding expert. And third, I feel like I have much more control over this new system than the old one… permissions are way more robust and easy to modify.

In my opinion, a major problem with telecommute-only collaboration with many people is getting everyone on the same platform of communication. Some people like Skype, others like E-mail, others might PM you from their favorite website, but for all Delura-related tasks… I want everyone in the same room so we can work and solve problems together. I will also be using Skype’s group function to supplement any chat functions that may be needed, but this takes care of getting everything on the table for everyone to look at.

I’m still doing some final testing before I release the task list publicly, but when its ready it will be in the Delura website’s topbar.