Yeah, and only 5 days late! Bleh! It won’t be the first time I grossly underestimated the amount of work involved… but I can tell you I spent just as much time waiting on my system as I did working on it for this project. Anyhow, here’s whats going to happen tomorrow:

1) Anyone who donated $10 or more to the Delura project will not only get exclusive access to the video, but will also receive part 2 of the video as well at a later date. I feel it is best to wait until I have a new workstation to begin work on part 2… a lot less time will be wasted that way.

2) I will first e-mail everyone who donated the access info required to download the video using the e-mail paypal provides me. Now, I know not everyone uses their paypal e-mail for actual correspondence, so another thing I’m going to need from any donors (if this is the case) is for them to e-mail me at and give me the e-mail address they used to donate funds via paypal, in which I’ll reply with the info required to download the file.

If there is anything else that is needed or anyone has trouble playing/downloading the video, let me know!

You guys are awesome, and thank you all so much for your support of this series.

It’s time to take Delura to the next level.