EDIT: The budget has increased since this post! It is now up to $815!! – When I get back to being able to focus on updating the parts lists on monday I will start implementing and updating the proposed Delura workstation.

For comparison purposes, I wanted to get an intel system mockup done. Some major juggling around needs to be done to make it happen though… here’s the proposed specs:

$22 CASE
$230 CPU: Core i7 3770k
$30 CPU Cooler (Better cooling than stock fan was highly recommended)
$100 MOBO: LGA 1155
$100 RAM (2x 8gb modules)
$90 SSD HD (128gb) <----Use old drives for storage until efficient replacement can be made
$0 GPU: None required; already have one
$100 Windows 7

$720 (7% sales tax added to total)

Remainder: $30


-In order to mitigate the increased cost of the processor, I will need to utilize my old power supply (600w), reducing the overall cost by $90. Intel does require less juice to run remember, so I’d feel much safer using a lower wattage PSU on an intel than an AMD.

-I could theoretically utilize my old case AND go with the intel i7’s stock fan to allow for upgrade to a 850w PSU, but I got multiple recommendations from people that the stock fan option wouldn’t fit the bill. Anyone here disagree?


– Single-threaded applications and processes will potentially run about 30-40% faster than on the AMD chip. Lightwave does have some single-threaded functions that I use frequently (this includes IKBooster), and the older programs I use can only utilize 1 core also fit this category (video editor and paint program mainly).
– Less energy usage.

-Somewhat faster renders and multi-core operations by a margin of about 5-8%
-Price allows me to keep PSU in old computer, which means that it can provide additional render calculations while I work on the AMD workstation. It may be 10 times slower, but it is processing power nonetheless!
-Better quality PSU can be aquired with lower cost of chip