I figured I’d update everyone on the donation funding and what my short term plans are.

1) I have initiated the withdrawal from paypal to our bank account because Microcenter does not accept Paypal as a payment option. There are no fees to do this action, but Paypal requires 3-4 days to process the transaction.

2) Once funding is received (I’m predicting this Thursday or Friday), I will make the online purchases of the items shown below for pickup at the local Microcenter location. If you want to get in any final commentary/suggestions about the investment decision, please voice it soon! I will also be doing double-checking the list to make sure I’m getting the best quality vs. performance ratio possible relating to Delura’s production needs.

3) If everything goes smoothly and barring any complications, I will probably spend a good portion of this weekend setting up and configuring the new system. This will involve piecing together all the computer parts, verifying system integrity, re-installing all of my software, setting up my preferences everywhere, etc… it is a lot of work! As I do this, I will provide pictures, purchase receipts, and perhaps even performance comparisons for everyone to look at. I want you all to see the awesome hardware you all helped me to procure!

Below is the current purchase decision proposal:

BUDGET: $815

$22 CASE
$230 CPU: Core i7 3770k
$30 CPU Cooler (to replace stock fan)
$100 MOBO: LGA 1155
$90 PSU: 850w Kingwin
$100 RAM (2x 8gb modules)
$90 SSD HD (128gb)
$100 Windows 7
$0 GPU: None required; already have one
$0 Case Fans: I have some lying around that can be used for this system.

base total: $762
+Sales tax: $53.34

TOTAL COST: 815.34