As mentioned in the video, the upgrade to a 64-bit operating system destroyed my old rigs rendering them useless. I can’t really do much at all with any characters until this gets done. So, I saw this as an opportunity to just re-do the rig entirely. Some goals I am setting for the new rig:

    -100% IKBooster. This will make my rig even more adaptable and flexible along with other benefits too numerous to list here.
    -Simplicity: Use as few bones as possible in the template rig’s construction. Makes for easier editing/tweaking. Use automation only as needed to ensure quick setup for new characters. The idea is that I should be able to set up a brand new character’s rig in 1 hour or less if I use a base template.
    -Facial null-control setup. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while anyways. This will allow me to save/load facial animations via IKBooster, speed up/slow down facial animation (without tedious workarounds), and will be more user friendly in general. I’ll be able to do other cool stuff like assign keystrokes to mouth positions to make moving a character’s mouth uber-fast. I’ve used simple sliders up until now. Ideally, the face null control setup will assume a variety of facial expressions that all characters will have (meaning that 1 facial setup should work on all characters).

That’s basically it for now… gotta get this rig done!