In the next episode of Delura, a new character emerges. Meet “Fu”; she is an independent contractor who primarily does LIbasic* graphic design. The base template model was created by Raymation3d and I modified it from there. As for getting good looking feathers on this character, I’m going to have to brainstorm that one. Here’s a messy mockup I did (disregard coloring):

The image is just for ideas and is nowhere near the final product.

In my mind, Fu is the kind of character who likes things straight and to the point. Blunt, critical, and hates most of all having her time wasted… unfortunately for Fu, the field of graphic design is filled with clients who don’t know what the hell they want.

Once I figure out how to do the feathers on avian-type characters, I think future characters of that type will be a lot easier to produce.

* = LIbasic is an adjective in Delura used to describe anything that originates from Li.Ba.sie in speech.