Almost there… I polished up the first 50% of the script for episode 4 yesterday and the remaining 50% should hopefully be hashed away today.

After the script/dialogue is considered 100% done, it’s brute-force animation from here on out. Since the modeling/art phase is over, I won’t have much to show until the episode is done but I’ll try to see if theres anything I can do to update the website a little. This page really needs some more content and still feels empty to me.

My intentions for updating the website are as follows:

-Add a glossary/encyclopedia of sorts. That way, when a character says something like “check your L.I.B.A.S.I.E” or “your thought articulators are malfunctioning!”, people can come here and look up Delura-exclusive terms easily.

-Re-organize the top menu and do away with the “rollover” links.

-Add Brakkians to the race info pages

-Flesh out the about page with better and more relevant information

-Bug Taben to finish the comic that was supposed to accompany this website 🙂 You can bug him at !