With rigs, it isn’t enough to just create one, you have to get comfortable with it until it becomes an extension of yourself. I have to know every little quirk and nuance that it brings to the table. I’ve found the transition to doing actual animation with this rig not as smooth as I had originally thought. It is radically different from what I’m used to but I still think its a step in the right direction.

Because of this, I decided I need to do a *real* test of the rig via a 40-50 second animated short… this is kind of what I did when I was first starting out and I know this will reveal a lot about the proper operation of this way of animating character models. I am finding myself doing more pose-to-pose style animation rather than straight ahead mainly due to the big change in how the legs are operated.

I expect that it will be a while before I’m back up to my usual 40-60 of character animation a day, but I am determined to get back up to that level with this new rig.

TL;DR version: “Challenge Accepted!”