Before publishing it, I am going to be handing over a preview of the animated short to a potential yet-to-be-named foley artist. I’ll have more news on that later, but if all goes smoothly it could mean a greater potential to get more done in less time. On the subject of extra hands, I’d like to eventually see if there is anyone out there who is skilled at compositing and post production work who would be interested in being a part of the Delura project… it would be a significant boost in production if the renders I output could be later tweaked by a post production wizard to enhance things like color composition, lighting adjustments, MISC effects and sofourth. I currently rely on Blender for post production… but after having sampled trials of more advanced programs I know they are miles ahead of the game in that field.

Meanwhile, I want to get a couple of weeks worth of comics done this weekend as well as send out EP 005.04’s script.

Overall, I think things are going pretty smoothly now and I’m through all the rough patches associated with migrating to this new workstation. Time to kick some ass.