Not much of an update at this time, but I’ll let you all know what I’m working on right now:

– EP 005.04’s script has been sent to Edward (the guy who plays Rudo). He’s going to be wearing the hat of director in reference to all things voice actor related. I told him to let me know if he does any public auditions so that I can post them on the blog, but first dibs will usually go to the talent pool that both me and Edward have before anything is publicly auditioned out.

– I have completed and sent over a script for a new animated short to Edward that involves Dodger and crew on the Scrapper. I am also mostly done with a second animated short script that involves Lucius and Zel, which will also get sent upon completion. After that point, I will be again working on the next main series episode. I do think these little snapshots in the lives of these and other characters will really help fill in a few gaping holes concerning character development.

– In contrast to an earlier post, I’ve decided not to make Delura videos primarily hosted here (as in, they will remain as youtube embeds). The time required to upload the videos and various quality versions of them is a bit much on a slow net connection and is error-prone. If we upgrade our internet service it will become a possible option once more.