EDIT: I have opened up part of the collaboration to the public once more, but the “open” section of it will primarily be for financial reporting (mainly so contributors can see whats going on regarding revenue Delura generates).

Hey everyone… I wanted to place here a proposal to how things could work concerning Delura and managing income that the project generates. If anyone has opinions on this please feel free to discuss it by clicking “comment” below. I have posted on this subject before, but I didn’t really get into the specifics.

(to achieve financial self-sustainment)


All website ad revenue will be retained by Tanadrine Studios. This is neccecary to offset various costs of operation.

Content will come in 2 categories: Premium and Free.

Free content is released just as it is now. IE: The episodes, and the “Bandits to Tor” comic arc.

Premium content is Delura comics/videos that may be purchased to gain access to. Revenue that Tanadrine Studios earns will be re-invested into the Delura project (procurement of new hardware/software and other costs). All premium content must have a preview, rating, closed captioning, and other things people typically like to have before purchasing.

NOTE: Premium content will be released as FREE content after the time period of 1 year. This ensures that content does not get left to collect dust after it’s maximum earning potential has been reached, and also helps the series appear more active, which could increase the overall audience.


1) Artists provide plan for content (Video, comic, drafts, ideas, etc).

2) Approval or denial. If approved, content can be priced by the artist if desired. Discussion is encouraged on what price would be best and yield best results… everyone stands to benefit from any single success!

DIVISION OF INCOME (if approved)

FOREWORD: Artists may use Delura content that is accessible to them (via box cloudspace). So, if their content is good and it uses 100% pre-made assets… that’s perfectly fine. Artists are encouraged to modify existing art to create new content. Art created by the artist, however, must allow all other artists who contribute Delura content to utilize it FOR Delura. Using another artist’s work for non-Delura content will be strictly prohibited, but the artist will always retain ownership of their own work (IE: if you created a model for Delura and want to put it up for sale, that’s fine).

-COMICS: Artist(s) retains 90% of all income generated from their premium content for the timespan of 1 year. After that, premium content will be publically released weekly until all is published. Ad revenue from public releases will be retained by Tanadrine Studios. I will assist the artist(s) in marketing and distributing the content.

-VIDEO: Division of income is trickier than with comics, as more people are involved and ad revenue tends to be substantially higher… my thoughts:

I will keep track of who did what and divy up % of sales accordingly. This information will be made public, so if anyone disagrees it can be discussed within the Delura Collaborative Workspace. I expect everyone to participate in helping ensure a fair division of profit.

Tanadrine Studios takes 0% premium on direct VIDEO sales, so only the content we actually contribute will be content we are credited for. If an artist does 100% of the work, they get 100% of the profits. Even if their work consists entirely of pre-existing assets.

Our cut will be from video ad revenue, which Tanadrine Studios will retain when the premium content goes free after 1 yr.


Here is one idea for division of income in this circumstance:

Division of income for non-premium content is determined by the NEW content or work that is done for it. For 3d content that require a LOT of work to do such as a full background, I will give the artist the option to divide their contribution cut across multiple episodes that use that background. Otherwise, the % of pay is determined by new content for a specific release.

The platform issue: Not all platforms (IE: Newgrounds) I publish content to offer a way to know accurately how much revenue any particular video content has earned. The only fair way I can think of to handle this is to just divide earnings from those types of sites based on the statistics given by YouTube. If there is a better way to track revenue earned across all sites and automatically divide it up, i’d sure like to know.

So, does this seem like a business model that could actually work?