/technobabble on

I spent pretty much yesterday and today dressing up something that’s only going to appear in EP 004 for about 10 seconds. Basically, I’m trying to avoid having to use Flash for 2d animated holograms because of how hard it is on my computer. Putting large video files as textures really bog down Lightwave and don’t always look as clear as I’d like them to.

The big problem though is that I know how to program my way through Flash to create certain effects like rapid number sequence displays and similar stuff… something that seems to require the jumping of flaming hoops in lightwave. Its something I’m going to have to eventually inquire about in the forums I frequent… spending a few hours just to create something as simple as a countdown (or countup) timer feels like a horribly inefficient use of what could otherwise spent doing more visually interesting stuff.

Stupid learning process… what’s the cheatcode for maximum level animator? IDQD4? GABBAGABBAHEY? BURGERGOD?

Eh… on the positive side, I have learned a few new tricks for manipulating surface properties to a higher degree.

/technobabble off