I’ve been looking into things like Ambient Occlusion after countless other 3d artists kept screaming at me “God damnit Ryan, you need to put AO in your renders or I’m going to stab you 80 times with a blunt knife.” (or something along those lines). I thought I’d share a sample result.

An AO pass adds about 20 seconds to each frame, but I think its well worth it. It really breaks up the flatness that all of our previous content has suffered from. (Note, dodger’s gun is white-ish because it has nothing to reflect and I was too lazy to render it separately).

There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes in the research/development front. Another thing I’ve recently developed allows my characters to share animations… this is something I’ve had trouble doing in Lightwave in the past.

Another thing I should mention is that I have recently invested in an upgraded version of Lightwave to further enhance Delura’s production. Gettin’ serious now folks! 🙂