No worries, I’m working on today’s comic, but something else I’ve been doing is reading through Lightwave’s 292 page 11.5 manual in effort to get caught up with about 4 years or so worth of updates that I’ve previously had no access to. It is a lot to absorb, but there are a lot of things that it details which will make my life as a producer a lot easier.

In other news, there’s also a LOT of animation plugins I used to use that no longer work… I found this out the hard way as I got into animating our latest content. The past week has been spent locating, debugging and replacing the things in my rigs/workflow that no longer work with Lightwave 11.5 versus with 9.6 (due to using very old 3rd party plugins). Here’s two of them that really broke my brain:

– “CreateKey +” generates fractional keyframes even if integer values are entered. This makes editing incredibly hard (because the numbers are so close to integers its impossible to tell they are fractional). I have found alternative plugins to achieve fast “graph type” editing needed for certain movements… basically, I used createkey+ to instantly switch my motion curves between various types as needed. I now use something called ‘Auto Graph type’.

– Baking “match goal orientation” is problematic since the plugin I used to have no longer works in LW 11.5 (actually, I lost it in the transition to a 64-bit operating system). This is important for when I have my characters legs operate in IK mode. I’ve found an alternative solution since then, but it did take a while to figure out.

– I had to adjust some of my macro programs (both in Lightwave and via Autohotkey) to work with the changes associated with Lightwave 11.5

Anyways, one update introduced to Lightwave that people are recommending I learn is “linear colorspace”, designed to… I guess make colors in renders better? It is something I’ll need to put research and development into as time goes on. It’d be cool to have lighting become an even easier process than it is now!