For any who haven’t seen these, I have done a lot of animation tests… hundreds of them… both while and in-between my sessions of working on the latest short. Here’s two test videos:

video #1: The entire animation test is derived from a single 1-second walk cycle. The foot/character placement is entirely based on the character’s foot movement, making foot placement automatic and highly accurate with proper bind-guide placement in the original animation. Offset edits were done to put minor changes into the walk cycle (leaning into turns). Because the character’s distance travelled is also tracked by this method, it means copy/pasting the entire animation actually works… as in the character continues where they left off instead of snapping backward. This makes re-using motion animations incredibly easy.

video#2: Interaction test – I have developed a way to make Delura characters interact with anything including things that move, twist and turn. This can be applied quickly and efficiently so long as I create a “target” for the character’s hand to “stick” to. The grey box, a child item of Dijard’s forearm, is the target for Swami’s hand. This is also handy for things like having a character place their hands on their knees, or perhaps holding a cut they may have received on their arm and having them hold it with their other hand. Or holding a box and twisting/rotating it while maintaining proper hand rotation relative to its surface.