I have finals in college this week, so I need an extra day to complete this week’s comic. I should have the comic published by tomorrow.

However, I won’t leave you empty handed for today. Some news updates:

1) Sphelx has joined the team! For the time being, he’ll primarily be an environment/prop modeler for our upcoming premium comic content, but he has also worked with compositing and post production and has offered to help in that area. We’ve been doing a lot of tests lately revolving around a multi-app workflow and it has been quite an interesting process. He uses 3dsmax, I use Lightwave, so we worked together to solve the question “How do we get content from Program A to Program B (and vice versa) without errors quickly and easily?”. This is stuff that neither of us has really done before. We exchanged FBX, MDD, baked lighting, and other stuff to isolate any possible issues or unwanted differences, and gathered a lot of valuable data. I’m glad to say that we ended up with a basic understanding of how things could work, and that we can work on any remaining kinks whilst in production.

Below are two WIP renders Sphelx sent to me that will be used in the very first pages of our premium comic titled “Reverb Effect”. The arc starts in a cargo room. I will reveal more details on the comic over the coming months… it’s a big project, but I am very excited about it!

2) The Delura “Meet Splatz” animated short is nearing completion. All that is left to do is a little more animation and then lighting, rendering, and post production. Lightwave 11.5’s tools are going to make things a lot easier and faster in that aspect… no more hitting “F9” and then waiting 4-10 seconds to get a preview of things! There’s also a lot of new techniques going into the animation that were developed inline with its production… I am very, very excited about the possibilities that exist as a a result of my research/development. After completing the short, my next task is going to be re-building my library of stock animations for use on character models before working on the next animated content.

3) I’d like to thank Chris Peterson for creating a really handy plugin that is already being heavily used in Delura’s production. I had just posted it as an idea on the Lightwave forums and he whipped up the script like it was nothing. Crazy generous of him!

That’s it for now! Again apologies for the delay in the comic!