Note that I will still be putting work into the animated short, I wanna get that published and in the bag soon.

Anyways, here’s my to-do list… I can’t promise I will get through all of these topics:

  • LI.BA.sie full writeup. What it does, how it works, when it was made, and any other relevant information about it that can’t be covered in the glossary. I may condense related subsystems of LI.BA.sie (IE: E.B.O.C) into this new article.
  • Relictech full writeup, same detail as LI.BA.sie article.
  • Details on the major locations in the galaxy (primarily, Targa sector, race home planets, notable space stations).  I imagine details should include climate, the primary populations of said places, their contributions to the galactic marketplace, etc.
  • New sections within “Encyclopedia” menu called “articles”? I was thinking that I may be able to put in info stuffs into articles for things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else in the website. For instance, a detailed writeup on transportation technologies doesn’t fit in the glossary too well, but as it stands now there’s nowhere else to put it on the website.

Let’s see how much of the list I get through by next monday eh?