I have added the Galaxy Guide in the About pulldown menu under articles. Maybe I should re-name “Articles” to “Info”? Or something else?

There is still a ton of work to do for the Galaxy Guide, but this should at least get the ball rolling with it. I will keep adding on it as I get opportunities to do so. I also need to get myself a cheap new keyboard for my trusty dell axim x5, as it broke on me recently (the ribbon that connects to the keyboard to the device got ripped). The following needs to be done before I feel the Galaxy Guide is decently fleshed out:

– Finish writeups for the 3 other major locations (Targa Sector, Skree-clik-ee, and Mayvavexlayvine); that should encompass the big areas, the rest can be filled out gradually and as they are introduced.

– Get some images in there. This includes the interactive galactic map. That has been a real brain teaser because I’m not exactly an astronomy nerd. Taben and I have been talking about how the planets and locations should be plotted out… which is something we never really thought much of before. We do know for certain that Skree-Clik-ee needs to be at a mid way point between all of the other planetary bodies (which would heavily influence their trade-centric culture/economy), and that Tor needs to be more proximate to Tanadrine than the other planets. At minimum, we need to work on the pictures of the planets and planetary guides… other stuff like what the surface looks like or examples of plantlife or buildings of inhabitants can be added later.

Now its time to get that animated short finished and get the comic rolling again. Thank you all for your patience!