Over the past 2 months I’ve been talking about all the experiments and reconstruction for the Delura project’s assets that I’ve been doing, and the workflow enhancements that I am developing from the ground up. One thing I have wanted to do is employ the power of motion capture to allow me to “skip” having to hand-animate certain scenes. I know many mocap libraries that are free to use exist, and it would really help me animate faster if I could avoid having to hand-animate things like idle movements or actions that would otherwise take a long time to hand-key. Basically, I’d like to focus my animation talents on the parts of Delura that matter the most… it makes sense to me that way.

I now have a means of applying motion capture onto my rigs. The problem usually is transferring a mocap skeleton to a non-mocap skeleton… the average mocap rig is not really designed well for hand-animation (though it can be done), but I’ve since discovered that I don’t need fancy software or any additional tools to integrate mocap into my workflow. When I publish part 2 of the behind the scenes videos, I think donors who have contributed will find my elaboration on this quite interesting to look at… I really apologize for how long it is taking to get it published; I just want to get this one animated short done before working on it.

In other news, I am going to be working on a commercial video tutorial for Lightwave’s IKBooster which is, to this day, poorly documented… with many of its features entirely a mystery to people who use it due to its context-sensitive nature and prerequisites for a handful of its tools. Despite being 10 yr old software, it is still many years ahead of its time even today. This commercial tutorial is necessary to help pay off the remainder of the my recent upgrade to Lightwave 11.5, which I purchased mostly on credit. I know it is a small detour from Delura content production, but I need to worry about financial obligations as well, I hope everyone understands. On the upside, this tutorial will provide me a way to help any potential animators who may be interested in working with the animation elements of Delura as so much of its workflow depends on Lightwave’s IKBooster to push it forward.

Finally, next week I am going to be presenting live at The Lightwave Users Group on the topic of controlling automation. If you happen to be a Lightwave 3d user, you may find it quite interesting.

That’s it for now. I’m shooting to release the animated short this weekend. Also, I ordered a new keyboard for my Dell axim x5 so I can do writing while away from home again… that should help the galaxy guide get filled out and properly updated over time.