Previously, whenever I wanted to do renders on multiple computers it would involve me going from computer to computer and managing files and whatnot… not bad for exercise going up and down the stairs of our place but tedious to do nonetheless.

So, I’ve been taking out a bit of time clearing the hard drives and re-installing stuff on the other systems we have so that I can do network rendering. I’ve also been juggling hardware components to try and get all the systems running at the same time. Basically, instead of having to go to every computer I can just set it up where when I do renders, my system will communicate with all the other computers on the network to get all the computers working on generating images. I’m not sure, but I may even be able to set it up where I can share render calculations with other systems over the internet but I’m not sure if what I have in mind will actually work. Amleto is a free network renderer for Lightwave that I’m looking into using so we’ll see how it goes.

Also, I’ll be working on part 2 of the behind the scenes videos for those who donated $10 or more to the project. I’ll throw in some of our animated shorts into the mix as well.

I’ll see about getting a new comic published next monday.

EDIT: I managed to get it working. There’s 1 more computer to add to the network and I’ll have 4 systems available for computational renders. It is pretty damn convenient. Since I’ve set up amleto client to start when windows starts for all the systems in the network, all I have to do is turn them on and they are ready to go. Badass.