I’ve been doing a ton of work related to standardizing the content (especially the rigs) of Delura. In order for things to go as smoothly as possible, everything across the board needs to operate in a manner that is predictable and easy to edit. This will also make it easier for other artists to jump on board. The not so fun thing about this is that it isn’t particularly a process I think people would find interesting and it involves things like bone naming conventions, endomorph sets (previously, not all characters had the same sets of facial controls/morphs), transferring my library of pre-made animations to IKBooster motion format, and other dull stuff that, while it will greatly enhance our workflow, doesn’t provide any immediate benefit to our fanbase while this process happens.

The other major thing is that I need to finish my “mocap adapt” script that will allow me to pair motion capture animations to Delura characters with 1 click. I have the base script made, but there are several more elements that it needs to be a fully automatic solution… such as auto-positioning the motion capture skeleton and generating the “null” guides needed to store position data and transfer it accordingly.

I’m really kicking myself for letting this week’s comic slip through… that’ll teach me to spit out deadlines I can’t make. After I finish the last of these standardization/background tasks, I’m going to be jumping right into making some cool behind the scenes content. Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding!