I recently found out a lot of my mocap saves need to be semi-redone due to something I overlooked: I had forgotten to do a “rest rotation” action on my character rig before starting the animation library building process. I only noticed the problem after loading my relative-motion hand-keyed animations… half of the character would flip around wildly when I did any kind of animation blending or interpolation, and I discovered that the only reason it is happening is because of the oversight. To be specific, I utilize IKBooster’s motion mirroring functions to cut down the amount of work I need to do in half, but not having a proper rest rotation screws with that function and you end up with a motion that… *LOOKS* the same… but can’t be blended with any other motions because of the “math” it is doing to rotate things.

It is hard to explain why this is a big issue I ran into. Say the left arm is rotated 90 degrees… the right arm is rotated -90 degrees… IKB would misinterpret the mirrored side and give it a value of 270 degrees. This results in a motion that looks “mirrored” and “identical” to what I would expect, but the “math” is wrong and it results in weird helicopter-like flipping when mixed with any other motions.

It means about 5 days worth of work is mostly lost. I didn’t notice this issue because I began my motion library restructuring with motion captured animations… but I don’t use motion-mirroring with those so it kept me from discovering the issues until after the fact.

… live and learn eh?

Oh, and for those curious, the background linked above has a dual purpose. It is going to be an environment for Delura, but it is also going to serve as the stage area for my commercial IKBooster tutorial when its finally finished.

On a side note… I really like the effect that using actual floor tiles instead of “bump-mapped” ones yields. The tiles in the picture aren’t bump mapped or textured, those are geometric. I actually did it that way to save time, but it turns out it looks better and is easier to put in place. Go figure.