I know I haven’t been posting much other than the weekly comics here lately, but i’ve been very hard at work at… well… making the work behind the work I do something into a format that someone else can watch and learn from. This weekend, I will be making available 2 hours of commercial video training content that revolves entirely around the animation system that Delura uses (Lightwave’s IKBooster). It is the biggest video project I have ever done. Up until now, there has been almost no training content or even *documentation* covering this system and the only other person I knew who had the knowledge and understanding required to create something like this is sadly no longer with us, so it is time to finish what he started. While it does help with the financial end of things, I am hoping it will also increase the number of character animators who use Lightwave, and in turn provide a greater potential for collaboration when the time comes.

Also, I did spend some time documenting the entire animation system Delura uses into a text/image format. It took a hell of a lot of work, but it is done and now people finally have something to look at if they need references.

While there are 3 parts left to do in this series, they are shorter and more focused on specific things (Relative Motion Loading, Motion Capture Adaptation, and IKBooster Bone Dynamics). I do want to take a short break from tutorial making and get some Delura content made before I jump back into finishing the training material.

In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep up with the comic and will be working on it tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

This is what relative motion loading looks like. Load in the animation, watch the character go. Good stuff.