The Ixarian model and rig templates for Delura date waaaaayyy back when the first two episodes were published. Not surprisingly, by today’s standards the models are very messy and hard to work with for many different reasons. I still don’t like modeling much, but even so i’ve learned a lot since that time and these guys need a re-do… this time with the benefit of knowledge i’ve earned through experience and the guidance of fellow artists (thanks again for all the tips and advice Raymation3d and Øystein!).

The new Ixarian template will be made to work with the current Delura rig so they’ll have the same motion library as morphs do (well, at least the bipedal Ixarians). I don’t intend to change the actual appearance of Ixarians much… this is mostly a behind the scenes change that affects development more than it does the viewer.