Charlie needed a minor facelift… but more importantly, a huge amount of re-topography was really needed in order to make the Ixarian template easier to work with and modify. The old model was also horribly inefficient in terms of CPU resources… Lightwave’s modeler isn’t the best when it comes to heavy geometry, so my sloppy modeling of the past really got in the way when editing this model and using it to create other Ixarian characters.

I’m glad to have that done… though Charlie doesn’t really appear in EP 005.04, he serves as the primary template for Ixarian characters and I needed some non-morph extras to put into the episode.

Although I have some decent Lugarian models, their character rigs need a complete overhaul in order to adapt them to my now-standardized animation workflow. There are also some new tools in LW 11.6 that I may use to help animate them faster and/or more fluidly. I’m not going to put priority into that for EP 005.04, but it is on the list for future episodes.

While I wait to fulfill the vocals required for EP 005.04’s content, I’ll be animating all of the non-dialogue scenes in the meantime.