The Lightwave sample content isn’t something I really seriously looked at, partly due to the huge download filesizes, and also due to the fact that I assumed that the content was only really for studying from and had strict licensing applied. I was surprised to find that most of the content is actually labeled as free to use in production (commercial or otherwise)! There’s a lot of useful content I feel would mesh well with Delura (with minor modifications of course) and it would be a shame to deny them of some screentime. I just wish the artists names were paired with all of the models so that I could give credit where its due. I suppose the best that I can do in that case is to cite that some content originates from the Lightwave 3d Group. Either way, I am very thankful for this find.

Good examples are like in the picture shown; some of the sample robot characters could be modded up to quickly create new mechanized Brakkian extras. Now speck finally has someone to talk to. 🙂