With the weird lighting, custom shadowing, animated flooring and all that other crap in place, all that’s left to do now is weaponsfire effects and I can put this grueling… horrendously taxing and time-consuming scene behind me. I really don’t intend on doing anything this intensive for a while, as the first 20% of this episode ended up constituting 80% of the workload… hopefully it’ll be worth the effort!

My todo list after finishing this scene:

-Check with voiceactors and review any voiceover work i’ve received in detail, requesting retakes if needed. Rewording or rephrasing of certain dialogue lines may be needed to best mesh with vocals (not everything written on paper sounds natural when spoken out loud).

-Its possible I may be collaborating with a fellow 3d artist on a regular basis to help speed up production aspects of Delura and will be sending my first task to them. I’ll go into more detail about that later if all goes well! Collaboration is a very interesting topic and its going to give me a LOT to talk about in my developer’s diary, but I won’t be releasing another one until EP 004 is done.

-Begin rendering 100% completed content.

-Begin animation for the rest of the episode.

-Finishing animation, I will then work on lighting and rendering optimization

-Post production/final cuts