In this test i’m mainly looking at performance for full body tracking. This clip only received minor cleanup on the legs, and a bit of hand-animation for the hands/head. This whole thing was done in the timeframe of a few hours… a large chunk of that was spent lugging my whole computer downstairs and plugging it into the living room so that I had space to move around.

As most know, limitation of only using a single kinect camera is that it has no way of tracking you if you turn beyond 30-40 degrees away from the camera, and if your arms or legs overlap significantly it will have to guess where they actually are (which is often wrong).

I can do most of the simpler dialogue shots I need for Delura with the computer upstairs using mocap, but a little spring cleaning is going to be needed before I can do the stuff like shown in this video without hauling the compy downstairs. When MS gets off their duffs and puts out that SDK the LW3DG needs to enhance mocap functionality (to either use more or different cameras for increased capabilities), I’ll be very excited to see it!