One of the “creature kit” models from the Lightwave 3d content that I rigged… it’s possible this guy will get some showtime in Delura at some point if only for a minor role (Perhaps a very disgruntled spacefaring merchant). I know it’s been a bit sparse in updates over the last few weeks. I’ve actually picked up yet another program which will add to what is becoming a powerhouse animation workflow and did a review of it recently.

Thankfully, unlike Nevron the learning curve is next to zero for Chronosculpt. I am already using it practically everywhere in my production that involves modeling. Facial animation from here on out will not only be a hell of a lot better, but it’ll be easier and faster to do. Lightwave’s layout is somewhat limited in terms of what you can do to deform things, and Chronosculpt throws that weakness out the window, goes downstairs and plummels it to oblivion before running it over several times with a car.

I am going to be working very hard to get the next part of my tutorial content published before refocusing on Delura; this time with the benefit of two powerful new pieces of software… a lot of time was spent learning Nevron/Kinect in December and when the animated content starts rolling I think everyone will notice a stark contrast to earlier content. My goal for 2014 concerning Delura is to put out more content than I have ever done in the past… I don’t think it’ll be very hard to do.

Also, I will be reviewing all of the clips I received from all the vocalists who inquired about the roles of Fu and Speck tomorrow. Delura really needs a few more regular female characters to balance things out and it’ll be a nice change for viewers I think.

Finally, I’ll try and get the Delura Render Comics rolling again in the coming weeks; I am predicting that there are about 15-20 pages left in the story arc before it finally catches up with the animated plot.