Above is another rendered still from the scene I just finished (this was taken before I added actual lighting from the particles though). From what I can gather, it required an entire month hard work just to create and polish these 3 minutes of footage. I can now move on and I’m really happy for that… honestly I was getting burned out doing the same scene day in and day out and over time that made me feel like I wasn’t moving forward at all. Its going to feel weird being able to pack away 1 scene every 2-3 days rather than every 30 days.

Let the computational nightmare begin! The most strenuous parts of the scene is around 2000 frames. Most the frames in this scene require about 7 minutes, but some chunks of them will take as long as 25 minutes per frame. I estimate that the average will lie around 10 minutes per frame, x 2000 = 20,000 minutes / 60 = 333 hours… or 44 eight hour overnight renders… using both my computer and Taben’s, I can reduce that total in half. There may be a few days where I’ll have the opportunity to run renders for most of the day… hopefully the computers don’t explode from constant abuse.

Heh, and I used to complain about 4 minute renders… it just keeps going up! Meh.