First off, lemme make it clear the comics will continue to be published as I finish them; nothing is changing there!

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Patreon lately; for those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a way for fans to financially support content creators on a regular basis when content gets published. It is a system designed for small, ongoing projects (like Delura) and fills a niche that Kickstarter can’t really touch on.

A few months ago the owner of Patreon gave his input on why he created the platform, and why it is important to understand that independent creators find *SOME* way to offset the expense of time and money that the creator endures in order to keep going. I do disagree with his exaggerated figures on ad revenue; I know people who hit 100k views make much more than $50/video… but I do know there is some truth in the fact that ad revenue is on a decline and it has never been a viable source of income anyways. I always feel like the harder I work on Delura, the more I have to sacrifice from everything else. I have all the equipment and resources to create content which is GREAT! But the ultimate goal for the series is to make it so that I can work on it full time without worrying so much about the time I’m taking away from paying work. I do have ideas in place for the long term and many of you have read about the premium content stuff that I’d like to produce but I’m wondering about the short term and how I can put more momentum into the project before I get to that point (IE: Start doing Delura content in place of some commission/independent contractor work).

One other thing is that Patreon takes out 8% of all income from the creator gets as a fee for using their service… fair I think, but eventually I’d rather just sell premium content and have 100% of the revenue rather than 92%. I am not interested in using Patreon as a platform for Delura videos… I do not publish them quickly enough (yet). However… the Delura Render Comics are a different story; if I were able to invest all of my time into them, I could publish them *daily*. The only reason I don’t is because I can’t do it without taking time away from work that keeps a roof over our heads.

So, this all leads up to this question: What are your thoughts on Patreon? Do you think it’d be worth it to put up a way to support Delura Render Comics on a “per-page” basis? Would you rather I try and set up a better and more visual way to support the series on this page (and avoid the fee?) Or is the convenience of a “standardized”, totally optional platform appealing in its own right?

Let’s talk about it! Be brutally honest with me too; I know a lot of people are kinda bitter about the idea of charging for content (which I’m NOT doing)… my intention is to increase the amount of production I can do in a month. I ask this because I immediately thought “Why can’t I just copy Patreon and implement it directly on the site?” … but then I thought about the user experience and how that could be impacted… so there is some give and take there.