Although they can make some scenes look really pretty… working with particles slows down my production pipeline so badly that I dread having to work with them. A lot of times unfortunately, I run into situations where the usage of particles can’t be avoided. The still shot above looks ok, but bring the camera inside that dome and problems arise which range from flickering to particles not showing at all… sprite-based particles seem really unpredictable when it comes to seeing them through transparent surfaces and its frustrating to no end.

Then there’s the issue with the fog. Again, it looks nice from the outside, but bring the camera within the buildings and it just doesn’t look right. Its a lot of work to get these minor things to look as they should and it is discouraging when I have to push back my release date because of things like this. There are workarounds, such as customizing the environment specifically for certain camera angles/positions, but its that much more work I have to do.

Ok, enough bitching and ranting… back to work!