I work on a few commercial projects and products, begin the transition between apartment and home living… look at my last post and realize it was made almost 2 months ago… holy crap.

This character will be the first to make extensive use of cloth dynamics… not only does the design call for it, but it’ll serve a dual purpose of learning what the very best animated cloth workflows are.

I’ve also been spending time transitioning all of Delura’s assets to utilize the Octane renderer… it has been a mind-numbingly boring and tedious process that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Every single character, every single prop, every single model… I figured i’d also fix the currently-broken scale of Delura’s assets as well so that they can be used with dynamics and certain rendering techniques.

With the core Delura assets prepped and ready to go, I’ll be continuing the Delura render comics so we can finally push towards the conclusion of the Bandits to Tor story arc. At this point I can’t make too many promises with animated content; it’ll get done when it gets done.