Something i’ve always wanted with my characters is to be able to dress them up in attire other than just jumpsuits or tightly-fitting, non-flowing clothing. I have been intensely researching this area over the last few weeks, which, in Lightwave is extremely sparse when it comes to practical available workflows for clothing dynamics and things related to it. I want to be able to animate while the dynamics objects on my character are active, I don’t want to hit calculate and wait for upwards of 10 minutes only to end up with a crappy result… I don’t want crippling “gotchas” like requiring all animations to start at frame 0, or have some sluggish nightmare setup, or deal with the fact that some clothing styles simply cannot be done without tons of workarounds (IE: trench coats that don’t have loose sleeves), etc etc.

Hence, this proof of concept test:

I’m currently developing my own workflow that combines two commercial 3rdparty tools to allow for dynamics that require no calculation. I throw the clothing on my characters, use a preset to determine how I want the clothes to flow, fit a pre-made collision cage on the character and dynamics animates it for me.

I’m wrapping up the cobbled mess of files that are a result of these tests… in the meantime, have some pretty pics of Data Magi. We’ll be seeing more of this dude (or gal) soon.