It’s creepy nightmare orgy adventure time!

Sure has been a while hasn’t it? Life has been a mixed bag lately… on one hand, I finally feel i’ve made a career of 3d media and it’s what I get paid to do now. Teaching is a large part of it, but i’ve landed television and commercial gigs as well. I’m not rich, but I’m a proud homeowner now and I no longer feel financially restrained at every turn like before. No one can threaten to kick me out of my home every other month (like before), I have the tools and resources of a high end production studio. Despite this, the choice to deeply focus on my career resulted in Delura having to be shelved for quite some time… and between my previous update and now, I have not spent any time doing 3d works for my enjoyment. I won’t make any promises at this point, and it’s likely I have to re-build my audience from the ground up, so I’ll probably keep it low key until I can get some substantial progress done with this thing.