The images above have some behind the scenes notes on them.

Anyways… I’m off to a good start! Coming out of that last scene and working on this one is like coming out of a dark tunnel after being trapped inside for a whole month.

On another positive note, I’m getting some much needed help with rendering regarding that last scene. Although my systems projected about 400 hours, the dialed down motion blur effects looked terrible and the renders had to be scrapped. Anything more than what I wanted to do required 800 hours using BOTH our computers… which is very impractical. I was recently contacted by Johnny Voruz, a fellow animator/artist who has worked on Unforgotten Realms and contributed one of the 5 winning entries for the 2005 blizzcon movie contest. Though, I actually know this guy better as a contributor for the Frontier: Prelude to Darkness series which i’ve become a huge fan of. I’ve even volunteered a small bit of voice acting for the fifth installment, which was a huge honor to do. Anyways, Mr. Voruz offered to render my scene using two 64-bit quad core systems which, unsurprisingly, are literally twice as fast as our pittily dual core athlon64 6000 x2’s.

Admittedly, I was kind of nervous about releasing source files to someone I hardly knew, but knowing that the 2 minute scene would otherwise require 2 months of rendering I think the benefits outweighed the risks… I know, I know… it sounds selfish but this “paranoia” will be explained in my next edition of the Developer’s Diary. I actually welcome help for the Delura project… but its scary too… releasing source files is like allowing someone else to watch with and play with your child unsupervised… does this make sense to anyone? Am I just too attached to my work? In any case, a huge thanks goes out to Johnny Voruz and he’ll be in the ending credits for EP 004… what I’ll call him I haven’t decided yet… Rendering/Consulting assistant? Render guy? I’ll probably ask him and let him decide. I guess its just one of those inevitable things… developing a social network, opening yourself to be able to trust people… it can be emotionally difficult at times when I think back to very uncomfortable situations i’ve been through in the past, but I know deep down that Delura as a series simply isn’t possible to do alone. It doesn’t stop me from acting like a stalker at times and looking up as much information as possible about people interested in contributing… but its a step in the right direction.

There are 2 other contributors besides Voruz whom offered to lend a hand with modeling and music compilation, and I’ll have more to show about in my future blog posts.

Well, enough babbling, I’m off to do some ass kicking.