Aiden is ready to tackle the strange new world he’s in! He is absolutely thrilled about it.

1 more minute of animation in the bag. Animating the Silgrarian is tedious and somewhat difficult as usual… but I want the guy to move around more in this episode to really give people a feel of how he functions as a lifeform. The challenge of course, is that no spider-like creature exists in nature that has a similar leg structure as this character that I know of… this means I have to kind of figure how this specific character moves naturally without any real references. I want to get to the point to where I don’t have to think too much while I’m animating this character but as it stands now, a lot of thought is going into every movement (IE: ok, its twisting its body, so move two diagonally positioned legs at a time to compensate… oh wait another legs in the way… ugh what do I do now?).

Once I’m past this part the animation process should speed up a good deal. After I’m done here, I still have a bit more lighting work to do for this particular room.